Brintons Carpets Limited

Founded in 1783, Brintons Carpets Limited (“Brintons”) is a leading global manufacturer of luxury woven carpets for commercial and residential premises. Headquartered in Kidderminster, UK, the Company has established itself as the premier brand within the Axminster carpet category and is widely recognized for its cutting-edge manufacturing technology, renowned internal design team and prestigious history of carpeting high-profile projects, such as the White House, the Moscow Kremlin, Buckingham Palace and the Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas.  Brintons boasts a legacy of leading the luxury carpet space, having pioneered the 80-20 wool to nylon yarn blend, which is now the industry’s standard. The Company’s patented High Definition (HD) Weave technology offers customers unparalleled design flexibility and drives operational improvements. Brintons operates five manufacturing facilities in the UK, Europe and India and holds a Royal Warrant of Appointment from the Queen of England.