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About Us


Argand is a New York-based middle-market private equity firm, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Miami. We acquire controlling interests in market-leading advanced manufacturing and business services companies headquartered in North America and Western Europe. We currently have approximately $685 million in capital under management.

Our companies have a strong U.S. nexus (headquarters, significant operations, primary growth market, or majority of revenue) and often significant global operations or expansion opportunities.

Argand companies collectively:
Employ in excess of 7,500 people around the globe
Operate facilities in more than 21 countries
Sell their products and services around the world

A partner for growth

We invest in market-leading industrial companies which are under-resourced and have significant growth potential. Our objective is to create world-class, industry-leading companies by dedicating the experience, insight, and network of our team to drive transformational growth and help management teams create lasting value.

We are a strategic partner and valuable resource for the teams we work with, committing time, energy, and resources to realize the full potential of each business.

Navigate the global middle market

We understand the complexities and opportunities of operating globally in the middle market. We believe global companies are more resilient across market cycles, and that geographic diversity provides both operating strength and downside protection. We creatively and strategically optimize operations, increase competitive advantages, and identify hidden growth potential.